Who We Are

Our Goal

Tyson Group provides the edge that B2B sales teams need to consistently succeed in today’s complex and volatile marketplace. This elite and qualified team offers expert sales development strategies tailored to companies’ individual needs, cultivating talent that yields measurable results. Their proven process guides leaders and their teams from initial assessment to training and long-term coaching, ensuring substantial and lasting benefits.

To coach, train, and consult with sales leaders and their teams to compete in a complex world.

There is not one secret to sales success

In order to be a powerful force in sales, you must possess an enduring attitude and employ an unstoppable process. Tyson Group specializes in helping sales teams find their unique process that brings consistent success in a constantly changing market. Tyson Group employs an innovative approach to team development, analyzing each client’s particular set of needs to compile a tailored playbook. After finding a solution that drives results, Tyson Group trains leaders and teams in the short- and long-term to ensure results that stick. Their method is unconventional in order to be exceptional.

Tyson Group is proud to be one of SellingPower’s Top 20 Sales Training Companies of 2018

Top 20 Sales Training Companies - 2018

Our Founder

A born entrepreneur and self-starter, Lance Tyson is an authority in the sales world with a passion for developing strong business leaders. Lance has worked with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment, including the New York Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys. After leaving school to start his first business, Lance began working for Dale Carnegie. He rose through the ranks eventually building the most successful Dale Carnegie operation in North America. After a fifteen year run, Lance sold his interest in Dale Carnegie in order to form a new company, Tyson Group. The focus of Tyson Group is to diagnose your sales team and propose solutions that deliver results that make sense for your organization and needs. We aren’t just a company that provides training—we are a partner that provides solutions.

Our Team

Tyson Group is made up of experts that are equipped to guide any team to meet their sales goals and generate substantial, measurable results. We have decades of experience in sales, in the healthcare, manufacturing, technology, financial services, insurance, professional services, and professional sports industries.