What We Do

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Tyson Group provides the edge that B2B sales teams need to consistently succeed in today’s complex and volatile marketplace. This elite and qualified team offers expert sales development strategies tailored to companies’ individual needs, cultivating talent that yields measurable results. Their proven process guides leaders and their teams from initial assessment to training and long-term coaching, ensuring substantial and lasting benefits.


Many people in sales either over- or underestimate their abilities, making it hard to know what attributes a sales team truly possesses. Tyson Group uses predictive analysis to measure specific competencies and skill levels of individuals. Every person has innate characteristics that influence their abilities to perform well in a specific role. This doesn’t mean someone can’t do a job well. It simply means that they may need an extra tool for their toolbelt. Through predictive analysis, we assess your sales team to determine what additional tools they might need to successfully perform in their role and help drive revenue. By evaluating these variables, our team can find a solution and begin designing a customized game plan to bring higher rates of success and boost revenue.


Each company is completely different, from their products and services to their culture and workforce. It only makes sense that a company’s sales training should be tailored to meet their specific needs. Using information found in the assessment stage along with core sales and leadership principles, Tyson Group creates a tailored playbook that trains teams in a way that helps them consistently succeed. Each plan aligns talent, marketplace, and management to create a training process that delivers long-term, impressive results.


Throughout the training process, Tyson Group keeps the big picture top of mind for leaders and teams. By incorporating the ideology of a proven sales process while teaching specific skills and proven methods, coaches can lead teams to achieving substantial goals both individually and as an organization. This unique approach combines strategies and tactics to build results from the bottom up.


Even after taking teams through proven sales training, routine maintenance is necessary. Tyson Group offers long-term support for leaders and teams to ensure the skills acquired during training stick. These follow-up coaching plans build on skills and tactics learned while continuously working towards the overall goal.