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Nikki Vescovi

Trainer and Coach

nikki vescovi tyson group trainer

Nikki Vescovi is a dynamic global speaker, consultant and coach, having grown up in the United Kingdom and worked in the United States and Australia.  She has over 36 years experience in 24 countries helping clients to develop their leaders, transform their culture, deliver powerful presentations and exceed sales quotas, including a 600% increase for one client.  The Tyson Group resources allow her to deliver these results.

“My passion is connecting people with one another to bring success for everyone involved. I love to break down barriers, build communication and help people find the passion for what they do.” Vescovi has worked extensively in domestic and international call centers, even converting customer service chats to sales.  She also sold and led a million-dollar cultural change initiative in a utility call center and received Dale Carnegie’s prestigious Excellence in Instruction Award.

Vescovi started challenging herself by captaining a championship winning men’s ice hockey team in college.  She was a National Account Manager and Channel Manager with Nabisco and Nestle and is a Global Dale Carnegie Master Trainer having trained the first 32 female trainers in Saudi Arabia.  She is also a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and has her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Bowling Green State University focusing on Selling and Sales Management and her Master of Business Administration in Management and Marketing from the University of Southern California.

Ms. Vescovi is also an international author and speaker, contributing to the Thought Leaders book, Ideas, Volume II, focusing on The Power of Connection.  She brings an innate enthusiasm and ability to deal with challenge and stress to her work.  She overcame her entire family being run down by a drunk driver in Germany, a plane crashing into her front room while in college, and a truck driving over her car while she was inside!

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