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Larry Prevost

Technology Director

Larry Prevost Headshot

Larry Prevost serves as Tyson Group’s Technical Director, providing support and direction for the group’s internal IT infrastructure. Prevost worked with Tyson on several earlier projects as well. In addition to providing continued web administration and support, Prevost built a network and systems infrastructure for Tyson’s earlier call center project. He’s provided services to maintain client’s data security and front line support for cloud utilities, CRM services, and data maintenance services.

Prevost also worked with Tyson on several marketing projects. He continues writing content for marketing programs, managing email campaigns, and managing social media programs.

Prior to joining Tyson, Prevost worked in the high-tech industry. His background includes designing mass storage systems, creating manufacturing testing processes, and providing technical support for supercomputer systems. In addition, Prevost has served as a database administrator, performed programming support for business intelligence systems, and pre-sales engineering support for enterprise class data storage systems.

Larry Prevost has been a part of the training industry since 2000. He’s been a Dale Carnegie instructor and has spent over a decade coaching teams from a variety of organizations to higher performance. He’s also been a member of Toastmasters International, serving the organization as an officer in several leadership positions. While in Toastmasters, he designed and performed several local speaking programs for schools and non-profit organizations.

In his spare time, Prevost enjoys running and has run over 40 marathons. He graduated from MIT with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.

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