6 Personal Branding Ideas To Boost Your Prospecting

personal branding techniques to make your name known

Personal Branding Online Can Make A Difference

Here’s something I overheard one of my inside salespeople say when we ran a call center:
“My prospect won’t even give me the time of day. If he knew more about me and my offering, I’m sure he would be willing to talk.”

The internet gives us an unprecedented opportunity to get out in front of our prospects in a big way.
But as sales reps, you have to show up before someone can ask you to dance.

Try this experiment on Google. Run a search of the name your customers know you by. For example, if your name is Robert Jones, but all of your customers call you Bob, search for Bob Jones. Continue reading

10 Tips for Creative Prospecting Online

Social media and inbound marketing have helped to reinvent cold calling in a digital world. Finding prospects online is absolutely possible. However, like an elusive secret, the how is missing from most online conversations, leaving many wondering where to start. LinkedIn and Twitter are the two platforms most popular in B2B sales.

Below are 10 creative ways you can push your prospecting forward online. Continue reading