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Know Your Why

High-Performing Sales Teams Always Know Their Prospects’ Needs   I’ve done all types of real-time phone coaching with a variety of inside sales teams. Getting the gatekeeper to put a decision maker on the line is easy. Listening to the decision maker chew you out for a useless interruption with no value is a lot …

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The Myth about Legendary Closers

Trust Your High-Performing Sales Team To Close Legendary closers are like Bigfoot, like leprechauns. They just don’t exist. But if you look at the classifieds under sales jobs, companies are always looking to hire skilled closers. Somehow, closing has become some kind of mythical skillset only a handful of enlightened beings have mastered.

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  Sales Consulting Sales Consulting Tyson Group has over 30 years of sales experience and industry knowledge; we drive change in compensation, sales process improvement, and talent optimization. You can rest assured that our sales consulting experts can provide the strategies and tools you’ll need to guarantee you have the right people in the right …

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Industry page template

  Professional Sports Professional Sports Of all industries, Professional Sports have arguably taken the most significant revenue hit thanks to COVID-19. Between the NBA, NFL, and MLB, the estimated revenue loss in 2020 is $13 billion. As such, franchise sales teams struggle to adapt to the new landscape and develop a winning model during uncertain …

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  SIAN VALENTINE DIRECTOR OF CLIENT ACTIVATION After relocating from the East Coast with her family to Ohio, Sian (pronounced like Sean) Valentine was looking for a new challenge. While waiting for the right opportunity, she took on the role of team manager for her son’s hockey team. It was during that time that she …

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Red-Ocean Mindset

Revising the Sales Playbook to Ignite Sales EQ There was a book a few years ago called Blue Ocean Strategy. The concept was that a blue ocean means that the water is deep, has a lot of fish, and has fewer people fishing. Thanks to COVID-19, however, businesses are suddenly finding themselves in a red …

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