By diagnosing your sales team and identifying gaps, we gain a deeper understanding of your team so that we can tailor our training solutions and on-going coaching to achieve your overall strategies and goals. We aren’t just a company that provides training—we are a partner that provides results.

A highlight of our solutions

  • Team Assessments
  • Sales Leadership
  • Away-Game Selling
  • Negotiations Like a Pro
  • Persuasive Presentation Skills (PPS)
  • Account Management and Service

Team Assessments

While it might be interesting to know if a sales candidate is an extrovert, it’s critical to know if that person can successfully prospect, handle objections, and close. Our assessments can help you determine this. Every person has innate characteristics that influence their abilities to perform well in a specific role. This doesn’t mean someone can’t do a job well. It simply means that they may need an extra tool for their toolbelt. Through predictive analysis, we assess your team to determine what additional tools they might need to successfully perform their role and help drive revenue. By providing individual assessments, we measure a person’s capacity for a role by identifying their natural strengths.

Sales Leadership

Are you a manager or a leader? Do you know the difference? Do you know what your role is in your organization? Strong leaders can motivate people to follow them by developing and strengthening leadership and communication skills. In our Sales Leadership training, we will help your team navigate the differences between leading and managing a team and understanding their role in the organization and how it influences their team. Your leadership team will gain strategies for building a strong, productive team, supporting that team through their own development, and coaching that team for success.

Away-Game Selling

Does the market drive the sales offering or does the sales offering drive the market? In a technology-driven world, people have unlimited access to knowledge—and that includes your customer. Your sales team is facing different challenges because today’s buyer has more information at their fingertips than ever before. It’s time to refine your sales team’s skillset and give them the strategies and tactics to build a connection with customers, generate interest, and create dialogue. By adapting their approach and implementing Away Game Selling, your team can partner with your customers to achieve the desired solutions. The Away Game Selling model is a scalable, measurable, and repeatable approach that will equip your team with the tools to achieve predicable results. It’s more than a training program that provides relevant examples. It’s an applicable approach to understanding the strategy needed to obtain consistent results in a complex world.

Negotiation Like a Pro

Regardless of a person’s role in a company, they often find themselves in a situation that requires negotiation on behalf of their department, their team, or their company. For a sales person, level-headed negotiations are a key to success. In this training, participants will learn how negotiating is different from resolving an objection, and they will gain the unique set of skills that are required to navigate any negotiation. The goal is to provide strategies and tactics for understanding the person they are negotiating with, what they want to get from that person, and what that person wants to get from them. Our instructors will teach the negotiation process and how to gain insight into the buyer’s mind.

Persuasive Presentation Skills (PPS)

Most people don’t associate being a good presenter with being a good sales person. But strong presentation skills are a foundational skill for sales people—and any person in your organization. Strong presentations go beyond public speaking and cross into the realm of understanding your audience and preparing a sound proposal. In the Persuasive Presentation Skills boot camp, participants will give multiple presentations on the spot and receive immediate coaching and feedback. Each presentation will focus on various skills including personal motivational techniques, presence, body language, and building rapport. The goal for the training is to allow you to present yourself as a credible source, and persuade others to buy into your ideas—whether it’s a sale or a crucial topic for your business.

Account Management and Service

Customer service is the process of ensuring customer satisfaction with a product or service. But what is world class customer service? It goes beyond customer satisfaction and stretches into the hands and attitudes of each employee. Each individual has a responsibility to provide service that leads to the organization’s stature as a world class customer service provider. Every organization defines customer service differently so we’ll work with your team to describe what this looks like at your organization and how your team needs to manage their attitude toward customer service and adhere to the principles taught in this training in order to achieve world class customer service.