Assess. Design. Train. Coach.


Assess. Design. Train. Coach.

The Secret Ingredients To A Special Sauce

Tyson Group employs an innovative approach to team development: Assess, Design, Train, Coach. We assess your sales talent to determine what tools they need to excel in their role and help drive revenue through predictive analysis. Using this information, we can create a tailored sales playbook for your organization’s specific needs.

Each plan aligns your sales talent, sales management, and your marketplace to create a training process that delivers long-term, consistent results. By incorporating the ideology of a proven sales process while teaching specific skills and established methods, coaches lead teams to achieve tangible goals and improve sales performance.

This unique approach combines strategies and tactics to build exceptional results starting with a strong foundation. Members of our team have consulted and negotiated multi-billion dollar deals for the nation’s most prominent sports stadiums, developed entire sales teams, and advised on the installation of sales methodologies for many organizations. We are frequently sought out for our expertise in creating and establishing new systems and processes in our client’s organizations.

Strength in Numbers

At the Tyson Group, we believe we’re strongest together. While we have exceptional individual talent that makes up our team, we know we can achieve the highest goals if we work together. There are no challenges, large or small, that we can’t overcome as a team.

The Passion That Drives Us

Sales is a challenging industry. As a sales manager, you know your sales team will face constant opposition and setbacks. However, these obstacles need to be seen as learning opportunities that allow your sales talent to grow into their full potential. That is our passion. That is what drives us to continually seek out new challenges, learn from each other, and keep our eyes on the big picture.

Training Programs

You can trust that our sales training consultants have the skills and experience to make a positive impact on your sales performance metrics. They have an expansive range of training expertise and can address the issues of every industry. In bringing you the best of breed training options, we combine our knowledge and skills to provide an experience that motivates your sales team and improves their sales effectiveness.

Our Clients

Without our clients, we wouldn’t be here. It is our purpose to train towards higher goals to give our clients the top-notch experience they deserve. We are thankful and humbled to be a part of your success. We don’t take these things for granted and are committed to helping you and your team achieve your sales goals. Without you, there is no us.

The Best Salesperson With The Best Process Wins

In his book Selling Is An Away Game, veteran entrepreneur, sales trainer, and our Founder Lance Tyson combines his decades of experience into a concise guide to effective selling.

Unleash the Potential of Your Sales Team 

Help your salespeople lead masterful sales conversations, build their pipelines, resolve rebuttals, increase win rates, negotiate the best agreements, and drive growth for strategic accounts with Tyson Group sales training and performance systems.