Self Evaluation

Do Your Sales Skills Put You On The Playing Field Or The Sidelines?

Today’s selling environment has changed dramatically. Buyers now have more control over important elements of the sale than salespeople. The field of play has shifted into the buyer’s mind. That’s why we say selling is an away game.

In this age, where prospects can find what they want, when they want it, wherever they are, the burden falls to the salesperson to:

  1. Get the prospect’s attention and hold their interest
  2. Effectively diagnose their current situation with engaging questions
  3. Create a solution that addresses their problem
  4. Present an solution in such a way that completely engages them
  5. Show how they can use your solution to make their lives better
  6. Get their commitment and build the relationship for repeat business

To effectively lead a prospect through this landscape, the salesperson must be able to see the world through their prospect’s eyes and get in their mind. Only then can the salesperson lead their prospect to achieve an outcome that is beneficial to all.

This self evaluation is a sales tool. It’s designed to heighten awareness and help salespeople regain control of their sales process. We want to give them a home field advantage while playing on their prospect’s field. To get the most out of this tool, answer each question honestly.

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