Know Your Why

High-Performing Sales Teams Always Know Their Prospects’ Needs   I’ve done all types of real-time phone coaching with a variety of inside sales teams. Getting the gatekeeper to put a decision maker on the line is easy. Listening to the decision maker chew you out for a useless interruption with no value is a lot …

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Research: Use With Caution!

Find Balance in Prospecting Research to Improve Your Team’s Sales Metrics I know a sports executive who has been president of an NBA team and an NHL team. With all the heavy lifting this person has to do—running marketing, sales, business operations, building a new stadium—sometimes social media isn’t number one on their priority list. …

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The Myth about Legendary Closers

Trust Your High-Performing Sales Team To Close Legendary closers are like Bigfoot, like leprechauns. They just don’t exist. But if you look at the classifieds under sales jobs, companies are always looking to hire skilled closers. Somehow, closing has become some kind of mythical skillset only a handful of enlightened beings have mastered.

Land the Plane Already!

Increasing Sales Performance Means Asking the Question to Close There was a famous sales study from the 1970s done by Mutual of Omaha that you may have heard about. The set-up was this: they went to their home market in Omaha and targeted some folks who would be good customers for them. They picked about …

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It’s as Easy as DDE

Be Proactive with Objections to Drive Sales Metrics When we consider some of the toughest objections we deal with as salespeople, financial objections have to be on the top of the list. Budget and cost are difficult things to combat. I mean, either the money exists for your product or service, or it doesn’t, right? …

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Want More Sales? Sell Less

Increase Sales Metrics by Targeting Solutions A buyer’s inherent objection that all high-performing salespeople deal with is doubt. I don’t mean doubt in the salesperson’s abilities or solution necessarily, though that certainly is a real factor. I’m talking about the buyer, the prospect, the patient, doubting whether or not they even have an issue that …

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Sell Them a Hole

Encourage Sales Talent to Think Through The Prospect’s Mind When you are doing a little do-it-yourself project on the weekend and you find you need to make a quarter-inch hole in the wall, you go to the hardware store. Why? Are you buying a quarter-inch drill bit, or are you really buying a quarter-inch hole? …

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Consider the Doctor’s Office: Selling as a Process of Diagnosis and Prescription – Continued

In my previous post, I introduced the first three steps of my “Away-Game” selling process and how they directly mirror our experience at the doctor’s office.  Each of these steps addresses some aspect of being in the buyer’s mind – which is why it is so successful for sales professionals.  Previously we discussed the connect, …

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