This Process Will Make You Adept at Resolving Objections

Process for Handling Objections
In one of our training sessions, a participant said that they needed some tips on resolving objections. Objections are a natural part of the sales negotiation process. However, many sales reps try to actively avoid encountering objections. However, once you realize that real objections signify interest in your offer, you become more skilled at addressing the concerns of the customer. Continue reading

Are you reaching new business goals?

The internet has forced businesses to approach potential customers in such a way that sales have completely changed in the world of technology.  With all we have at our fingertips, the sales process should only get easier, not harder.

The keys to success are to have clean and accurate data, and have a solid process in place. While technology is making it easier to do this, we’re also getting inundated with calls and emails.   Continue reading