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Sales Negotiation

Our program will help your team close large deals faster with Sales Negotiation Training. Today, sales professionals must work harder than ever to reach the final stage in closing a sale: the negotiation. The urge to close can overwhelm other aspects that should be taken into consideration, such as price for example. 

Complex Selling

Our Complex Selling Program will give your sellers the skills to decipher the modern-day buyer’s unique and changing expectations. The skills and tactics taught at the Tyson Group will provide your sellers the process and tools they need to carry out a strategic analysis for an account by considering multiple factors to make the best …

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Virtual Selling

The world has changed over the last year, and that means your team needs to adapt to meet the needs of the market and demands a shift in the way we engage with and sell to customers. Our training program will empower your team to learn the skills they need to sell virtually.