Use These Tips to Increase Your Cold Call Success

spiderweb creating a network for prospecting in a company

When Making Cold Calls, Create a Web of Influence. Call Wide and Call Deep.

Studies have shown that 82% of sales reps feel challenged by the amount of data and the time it takes to research a prospect just to make the initial cold call. To be more blunt, Google and LinkedIn have become the purgatory for inefficient sales reps. Continue reading

7 Cold Calling No-No’s

cold calling tips and mistakes

I was recently reading a blog post put out by another sales trainer and speaker titled “7 Ways to Make Cold Calling Easier”. And it got me wondering, where do these tips come from? Were these ideas formulated by this trainer or is the advice reused and basic standard advice you can get anywhere? Beyond that, is the advice based on empirical data, or is based on opinion and that specific speaker’s experiences in sales? And for a moment, I had a Déjà vu. This isn’t the first time I came across a basic ‘tips to cold calling’ post and not the first time I was turned off by an article like this. Continue reading

Are you reaching new business goals?

The internet has forced businesses to approach potential customers in such a way that sales have completely changed in the world of technology.  With all we have at our fingertips, the sales process should only get easier, not harder.

The keys to success are to have clean and accurate data, and have a solid process in place. While technology is making it easier to do this, we’re also getting inundated with calls and emails.   Continue reading