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It’s as Easy as DDE

coach on being proactive with sales objections

Be Proactive with Objections to Drive Sales Metrics

When we consider some of the toughest objections we deal with as salespeople, financial objections have to be on the top of the list. Budget and cost are difficult things to combat. I mean, either the money exists for your product or service, or it doesn’t, right? Well, not necessarily. Not if you use the DDE strategy from the Sales Playbook. …

Never Battle With the Buyer

when resolving objections find points of agreement instead of going into battle with your prospect

Resolve Objections With Points of Agreement to Increase Sales Performance

If you look at any negotiation process, there’s a lot of wording out there about battling an objection. Now I’ve watched a lot of high-level negotiators in my life. But I’ve never seen high-level lawyers or high-performing salespeople battle. …

If You Don’t Buy In, Why Should Your Prospect?


Build a Strong Sales Team by Igniting Enthusiasm

Equally as important as what we present, how we present ties into credibility and believability of any high-performing sales team. Like it or not, business is like high school on steroids. Prospects are going to judge you on how you look, how you dress, how you present yourself, how you communicate, how you deal with people. The last thing people will judge you on is who you are as an individual. It’s a shame, but that’s just the way it is. …

Want More Sales? Sell Less

improve sales merics by targeting solutions

Increase Sales Metrics by Targeting Solutions

A buyer’s inherent objection that all high-performing salespeople deal with is doubt. I don’t mean doubt in the salesperson’s abilities or solution necessarily, though that certainly is a real factor. I’m talking about the buyer, the prospect, the patient, doubting whether or not they even have an issue that needs solving, a gap that needs filling. Be mindful, change is hard. At the end of the day, we as salespeople often sell change.

Oh Yeah? Prove it!

use evidence for sales effectiveness

Drive Sales Effectiveness by Using Evidence

Once a salesperson has diagnosed the buyer’s problem correctly, he or she needs to present the right prescription in such a way that it persuades the buyer to see value in the solution or opportunity. A high-performing sales team knows they need to gain the high ground in order to overcome doubt quickly and effectively. And what inherently overcomes doubtEvidence.

Dial in on the Diagnosis

sales diagnosis methodology

Improve Sales Metrics by Confirming Your Prospect’s Needs

While you are browsing the new and used models on a car lot, you typically have your buying criteria in mind and the reason you’re buying a car. Maybe that reason is to get to work, or to taxi your family around town. You also have absolutes—a certain budget, plus a list of must-have features.

Never Tell a Prospect Their Kid is Ugly

asking questions to make your idea their idea

Drive Sales Effectiveness By Making Your Idea Their Idea

Have you ever been at a nice restaurant with people you wanted to impress, so you order a fine Napa Cabernet only to have the sommelier suggest an alternative bottle? There’s that moment of sheer panic when they select something way out of your price range, though it’s too awkward to address at the moment. A good salesperson would have read the situation and brought out a comparable bottle. A bad salesperson might take the opportunity to stick you with a $400 Merlot that has been sitting in the cellar for twenty years.

Put Salt in Their Oats

sell to a gap and jump to closing the deal

Drive Sales Performance Metrics by Selling to a Gap

I recently started working out again, so I decided to seek out a gym. As I weighed Lifetime Fitness vs. the local rec center, the options were overwhelming. So, I sat down with the GM of Lifetime Fitness and he said, “Can I ask you a few questions before I give you the tour?”

Sell Them a Hole

Encourage Sales Talent to Think Through The Prospect’s Mind

When you are doing a little do-it-yourself project on the weekend and you find you need to make a quarter-inch hole in the wall, you go to the hardware store. Why? Are you buying a quarter-inch drill bit, or are you really buying a quarter-inch hole? What the hell do you need a quarter-inch drill bit for unless you need the quarter-inch hole?

Use sales starters for a strong sales opening

Have Them at Hello

Encourage Sales Starters to Build a Strong Sales Team

Getting a two-way conversation going is crucial to increase sales effectiveness, and questions are a great way to do it. Let’s talk about Sales Starters. One time I was with one of my new hires, Ellen Valudes, at a meeting with a …

How to Increase Your Sales Effectiveness – Don’t Make It All About You

Learn To See Through Your Prospect’s Eyes To Increase Sales Performance Metrics

When I had my call center, I remember fielding a question from a member of my inside sales team after she finished a call. She said, “I just got off the phone with a guy who said he didn’t have time to talk because he was in a meeting. That just doesn’t make sense to me! Why would a decision maker stop their meeting to take a call only to say, ‘I don’t have time to talk’?”

Cop an Attitude

sales attitude of grit and determination exhibited by runner

How Grit and Determination Underpin Sales Effectiveness  

There’s an exercise I like to do with management teams and salespeople in which they list attributes that would make their replacements successful. “If you had to hire somebody for your job and would get a bonus of 20 percent of your salary, what are things you would hire on?” I ask. They make a list of twenty or thirty things. But it comes down to three broad categories. At least 60 percent of success is based on attitude—things like grit, endurance, and perseverance. Another 20 to 30 percent revolves around skills like goal-setting and communication. The rest comes down to knowledge of basic theories and education.

Fake it Until You Feel it


Adopt and Express Humility to Increase Sales Effectiveness  

Are you the kind of sales leader who often thinks: “I’m constantly dealing with idiots”? I get it, sometimes it can feel like you’re working on an island managed by six-year-olds. With that perspective, however, it’s likely that not only prospects, but your sales team, will view your self-assured behaviors as arrogant, forceful, and incapable of admitting mistakes. Climbing the organizational ladder requires an extraordinary degree of self-belief, which up to a certain point is seen as inspirational. Yet the most-effective leaders are the ones who don’t seem to believe their own hype. Instead, they come across as humble. 

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