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Does Your Business Make Your Sales Talent, or Does Your Sales Talent Make Your Business?

finding and developing the right sales talent

Take Our Sales Team Science Assessment, Specifically Designed to Evaluate High-Performance Sales Team

Your sales talent is the heartbeat of your company. But many companies lack a proper process to even attract the right people. Some companies don’t have a process to select and onboard their sales talent. Others still fail to …

Sales Management: Think You’ll Score High on This Critical Driver of High-Performance Sales Teams?

sales management is a critical sales drivver

The Sales Team Science Assessment Can Reveal Whether Your Sales Teams is Among the Elite

Ahhh, Sales Management. Leads, pipeline, goals, tracking, reporting, KPIs, and compensation. All of these elements are no-brainers, right? Easily articulated, easily understood.

Would you say every member of your sales team can define their KPIs? Do you have a scoreboard so every …

Take Your Time To Buy Time

steady sales process improves slaes performance

Set a Slow and Steady Cadence to Increase Sales Performance Metrics

Anyone who knows me well, knows that one of my guilty pleasures in life is buying watches. For me, a watch signifies so many things—time, commitment, longevity, patience, perseverance. Time is what we struggle to keep with those we love, and is what we struggle to win with those we hope to connect with or do business with. And time is at the heart of selling—we’re asking someone to give it away, banking on the fact there’s going to be a mutual ROI. …

Don’t Get Your Ask Kicked

7 secons to get your prospect's attention

High-Performance Sales Teams Make the First 7 Seconds Count

In the early 1990s, I remember being so excited when pay-per-view had on a Mike Tyson boxing match. It didn’t matter who it was, Iron Mike’s opponent was going to get their ass kicked, usually in the first round. The hype and excitement lasted for weeks, then it was over before it began. …

Know Your Why

Know your prospects needs

High-Performing Sales Teams Always Know Their Prospects’ Needs


I’ve done all types of real-time phone coaching with a variety of inside sales teams. Getting the gatekeeper to put a decision maker on the line is easy. Listening to the decision maker chew you out for a useless interruption with no value is a lot harder.   …

Research: Use With Caution!

strike balance in your sales prospecting research

Find Balance in Prospecting Research to Improve Your Team’s Sales Metrics

I know a sports executive who has been president of an NBA team and an NHL team. With all the heavy lifting this person has to do—running marketing, sales, business operations, building a new stadium—sometimes social media isn’t number one on their priority list. I know it took over nine months for that person to change their role on LinkedIn. …

The Myth about Legendary Closers

sales closers and bigfoot are sales myths

Trust Your High-Performing Sales Team To Close

Legendary closers are like Bigfoot, like leprechauns. They just don’t exist. But if you look at the classifieds under sales jobs, companies are always looking to hire skilled closers. Somehow, closing has become some kind of mythical skillset only a handful of enlightened beings have mastered. …

They Didn’t Put Him on the $100 Bill for Nothing

ben franklin balance close decision making tool for closing the deal

Increase Sales Metrics by Using the Balance Close

One of the best sales books you’ll ever read is Ben Franklin’s autobiography. He’s really the only American philosopher we had. And he’s one of our only inventors and philosophers.   What made Ben Franklin such an expert in sales? The way he made decisions. For any business transaction, or when considering anything major that would require his time or money (or both), he’d make a t-chart and weigh his options from a pros versus cons standpoint. …

Land the Plane Already!

nike sales close just land the plane

Increasing Sales Performance Means Asking the Question to Close

There was a famous sales study from the 1970s done by Mutual of Omaha that you may have heard about. The set-up was this: they went to their home market in Omaha and targeted some folks who would be good customers for them. They picked about 1,000 people and said they’d give them insurance premiums (up to $500,000) for a year, but potential customers had to meet with Mutual’s salespeople in order to get this offer.   …

Unleash the Potential of Your Sales Team 

Help your salespeople lead masterful sales conversations, build their pipelines, resolve rebuttals, increase win rates, negotiate the best agreements, and drive growth for strategic accounts with Tyson Group sales training and performance systems.