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Breaking The Glass Ceiling As A Woman Executive In Sports With Meka White Morris

When you’re a woman in sports, there’s a proverbial ceiling that no one tells you about. But today’s guest broke through the barriers to become an executive in the field. Meka White Morris is currently the Executive VP and Chief Revenue Officer at the Minnesota Twins. She sat down with Lance Tyson to share how she built her career by not accepting a ‘No’ until it was from someone who could say ‘Yes’. Tune in as she gives valuable real-world advice as a woman executive in sports. …

What Success Means: Life Of An Entrepreneur With Sam Caucci

Do you want to know the real deal about the life of an entrepreneur? Lance Tyson has an intense discussion with Sam Caucci, the President and CEO of 1Huddle. Based in Newark, New Jersey, Sam gets brutally blunt as the two discuss the raw and gritty reality of life as an entrepreneur, making the transition from top sales producer to venturing out on your own and the importance of non-negotiable, core standards. Buckle up! This interview will hit you between the eyes.

Jarrod Dillon Guest on Tyson Group's Podcast Against the Sales Odds

Sales Success, Mentorship, And Achieving Goals With Jarrod Dillon

Are you looking to start a career or build a business? Tune in to this episode for some success secrets!  Jarrod Dillon, the President of Business Operations for the Orlando City Soccer Club, is on the set. He and Lance Tyson touch on several essential processes for sales success, the importance of mentorship, and some important advice for young people just entering the workforce. This episode has something for people at all stages in their careers. Listen to Jarrod talk about his wins and be inspired to experience yours, too. …

Leading The Way To Sales Success With Al Guido

What is the best path to sales success? What do you need to do to guarantee it? In this episode, Lance Tyson’s  guest is Al Guido, the President of the San Francisco 49ers and Chairman and CEO of Elevate Sports Ventures. Al reviews the ideas and philosophies that have put him on the Forty Under 40 list twice, including his views on the misuse of talent, where successful leaders focus their time building skills, and a leadership philosophy he got from watching Lance coach his team. If you are looking for leadership ideas, you do not want to miss this. …

Why All Client Relationships Are Built On Trust With John Clark

In sales, trust is and always will be the name of the game. When you make deals, there has to be a certain level of trust there. You can’t build relationships without trust. Join your host, Lance Tyson, as he sits down with John Clark, the Executive Vice President & Chief Business Development Officer of Fenway Sports Management. John reviews the universal values encompassed in all sales, the importance of trust, and necessary traits of success that will help sales reps in any industry. Give this episode a listen. There are true sales gems enclosed. …

Sales Leadership And Bringing Value To The Table With Mike Ondrejko

Being a great salesperson doesn’t always equate to being a great manager or a great leader. You need to have grit, you need to be selfless, and you need to bring value to everything you do. Your host, Lance Tyson, teams up with Mike Ondrejko, the President of Legends Global Sales. The two have a spirited discussion about what it takes to be successful in sales, the importance of authenticity, and making the transition from an individual contributor to a leadership role. Stay sharp! This episode is packed with information. …

Building Sales Team Values with Chad Estis

Success in sales is gained not just by yourself and the position you have achieved. More importantly, it is impacted by how you influence the people around you, which calls for the right sales team values. Join us as Lance Tyson goes one-on-one with Chad Estis, Executive VP of Business Operations with the Dallas Cowboys and Legends Global Sales. They discuss several topics ranging from how selfishness could destroy any dream team, the importance of career development, and how selling would look in the future. This is a fast-paced 30-minutes episode you do not want to miss. …

How to Open a Sales Call: Use the Affinity Rule to Improve Sales Effectiveness

how to open a sales call and achieve excellence in sales

Coaching your Sales Team to Set More Meetings, Close More Deals, and Surpass Their Performance KPIs

As a sales manager, you’re always looking for ways to improve your sales process and improve the performance of your sales team. One of the ideas that we constantly coach salespeople on in our sessions is that the most important part of the sales call is how you open. As mentioned in a past article, if you open a sales call correctly and follow your sales process, the close will follow as a natural part of the process.  

Using the Human Sales Factor to Build a Breakthrough Agile Sales Team

agile sales and the human sales factor

Agile Sales Training is the New Alchemy of the 21st Century

In the past, alchemists were obsessed with transforming common elements, like lead, into something more valuable, like gold. Today, we may not have realized their ambitious goals, but we have achieved a level of success in transforming simple, common elements into items that have more value in our society.

Sales Leaders: How to Effectively Delegate Sales Tasks and Assign Projects

effectively delegate sales and assign projects to your sales team

Identifying and Establishing an Effective Sales Delegation Process 

As a sales leader, you’ll want to spend time reviewing your process for delegating sales tasks and assigning projects. If you want to make your team as effective as possible and free yourself to address the problems only you can address, then you’ll want to learn how to delegate effectively so that each member of your team can expand their skill set and be coached through the process.

Unleash the Potential of Your Sales Team 

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