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7 Personality Traits of a Successful Salesperson

When you’re hiring salespeople, you’re hiring someone to represent your company.  Afterall, they are the face of your brand. So it’s only natural that you would want to hire only the best. Does this mean they have to have a lot of sales experience?  Not necessarily, but they should possess certain traits which in the end, identify them as a successful salesperson. Based upon my observation, I believe highly successful salespeople must posses the following seven traits:

9 Skill Sets to Consider When Training

When you’re considering training for your sales team, there are a number of factors to consider.  Last week we went over three main factors that must be considered when purchasing any type of training. You can read more on those factors here if you missed last weeks blog post.

This week, we’re sharing with you “9 Skill Sets That Will Boost Your Sales Team”. We have researched and tested these training skills with several of our pro sports clients, Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Lightning, San Francisco 49ers, Legends Hospitality Management, San Diego Padres, Miami Dolphins, New York Yankees, and Sacramento Kings, to name a few. …

How To Buy Sales Training

how to buy sales training content process methodology

Through the years, a variety of executives and managers have asked me, “How do you buy sales training?”

In early 2000, a very savvy HR Executive, Sheila Ireland, asked me this very question.  At that time, I was working for Dale Carnegie Training in Philadelphia.  I had all of my training models, like the Kirkpatrick model which measures ROI (Return on Investment), and I was ready to share my 4-step behavior model.

Unleash the Potential of Your Sales Team 

Help your salespeople lead masterful sales conversations, build their pipelines, resolve rebuttals, increase win rates, negotiate the best agreements, and drive growth for strategic accounts with Tyson Group sales training and performance systems.