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Effective Sales Skills Assessment is the Magic to Fine Tuning Your Team

woman making sales skills assessment selection“People are overlooked for a variety of biased reasons and perceived flaws. Age, appearance, personality. Bill James and mathematics cut straight through that.”  -Peter Brand, Moneyball

The premise of Moneyball, both the book and the film, was that the method of recruiting baseball talent was stuck in the past. The process used outdated methods and antiquated …

Are You Enamored With Sales Leadership Over Sales Management?

sales leadership and sales managementThe content for this post was first published on FastCompany.com in the article “Have You Been Thinking About Sales Leadership All Wrong?” on April 7, 2022.

The Battle Between Sales Leaders and Sales Managers

Let me ask you a question: Would you prefer the title Sales Leader or Sales Manager?

I’m willing to bet that a great many of you picked Sales Leader over Sales Manager. Now, I have no facts or proof to back this up. However, I have conducted some unscientific surveys in my training sessions and consultations. And I’d have to say that more than 90% of the participants prefer the title Sales Leader over Sales Manager. Why is that? …

Creating a Superior Sales Strategy – 7 Factors You Need To Know

The bullfight as a metaphor for creating a sound sales strategy

The content for this post was first published on Forbes.com in the article “The 7 Factors of a Successful Sales Strategy – No Bull” on April 1, 2022.

Sales Leaders, Are You in Control or Are You Chasing the Cape?

Here’s a question I usually ask in my training and consulting sessions when discussing sales strategy: As a sales leader, are you the bull or the matador? I ask this to get my participants to begin thinking in terms of being reactive versus being responsive. …

The Right Recipe For An Effective Sales Leadership With Greg Kish

What constitutes effective sales leadership? Lance Tyson’s guest is Greg Kish, Head of Revenue at SoFi Stadium. In this interview, Greg shares several insights with us that have propelled him to the top of his game. He discusses his view on the job interview, the importance of preparation in sales, and the impact of mentorship throughout your career to create a wellspring of confidence. If you listen closely, you’ll even hear sales advice that Bruce Wayne’s mentor shared with him in the movie Batman Begins, “Always mind your surroundings.” Give this episode a listen. You won’t go wrong. …

Sales Discipline: Figuring Out What Works With Michael Forde

In sales, you need to figure out what works, and then repeat it over and over again. That’s discipline. Joining Lance Tyson today is Michael Forde, the CSO of the Orlando Magic. Listen to this episode and you’ll hear discipline running throughout it. Michael’s sales philosophy, work ethic, and career are built on discipline. It’s how he built his sales teams, his businesses, and his career. You’ll also hear his insight into building and managing a remote team, ideas on his leadership strategy, and the 3 key ingredients people need to move a deal forward. The insights in this episode are well worth your time. Check it out! …

The Key To Mental Health: Be Where Your Feet Are With Scott O’Neil

How do you stay mentally healthy during stressful times? First, be present at the moment and optimize the time you have. Lance Tyson presents Scott O’Neil, co-founder of Elevate Sports Ventures and author. Scott has been named the most innovative executive in sports today by SportTechie magazine. Embedded in his story, you’ll hear advice for getting to the top of your game, a 5-point plan for staying mentally healthy in times of extreme duress (like the past year of the pandemic!), and an exercise in gratitude. After hearing his inspirational and transformational message, you’ll understand why he’s called “the most admired CEO” by the Philadelphia Business Journal. Be sure to check out Scott’s latest book, Be Where Your Feet Are, available on Amazon in June. …

Taking Calculated Risks, Hiring The Right People, And Creating A High-Performance Sales Team With Bob Sivik

If you want to build a high-performance sales team, then you need to start with the right people and then double down on professional growth. This week’s episode features Bob Sivik, the VP of Sales for the Health Academy. Lance and Bob cover a lot of ground, exploring how to engage people just starting their careers, taking the calculated risk, and his architecture for creating a high-performance sales team. But the core of Bob’s story is people – if you hire the right people, treat them right, and give them an environment where they can thrive, they will perform exceptionally. Check out the full episode here. …

Personal Growth: Why You Need To Have A Relationship With Yourself With Scott McGohan

Do you want to grow more and sell better? Build a relationship with yourself. Be vulnerable, honest, and humble. Lance Tyson introduces Scott McGohan, the CEO of McGohan Brabender. Scott’s story encompasses the people element of sales, but with a unique twist that would make Ben Franklin proud. Scott, by his own admission, started his journey as a destructive hero. Now, he encourages his people to discover and live their personal values. According to Scott, to sell well, you must like yourself and have a good relationship with yourself. Listen to this episode and you’ll come away ready to renew your investment in your own personal growth. …

Understanding The Ideals And Principles Of Servant Leadership For Success With Mike Drake

Are you managing your business just to earn money? You can’t succeed without the people you have around you, so it’s very important to keep growing, learning, and evolving while making a difference in people’s lives. Let’s all listen to Mike Drake, the Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships and Premium Sales for the Atlanta Hawks. In this episode, he draws heavily on the ideals and principles of servant leadership when he talks about building a first-class team and the supporting sales culture. But he also highlights a fundamental sales concept that is foundational in his leadership and his selling style: before you can sell your products or services, you must first sell yourself and build your credibility. It’s all about trust and credibility. …

Leadership Strategies For Professional Growth And Success With Todd Fleming

We all want to achieve our goals and be successful. We want to make a significant difference and drive change. But are we taking the steps needed towards professional growth? Lance chats with Todd Fleming, Vice President and General Manager for Legends Global Sales. Todd has taken on several high-profile roles in his career. In navigating that path, he touches on the need for flexibility and agility, working with like-minded people, and the importance of grit. As he said, “I wasn’t necessarily the best, but I was willing to outwork everyone else.” Looking to advance your career to a higher position? Todd Fleming gives you the ladder to reach it.

Uncovering The Concept Of Humility In Leadership With Michele Kajiwara

Are you leading your sales team effectively? Our guest today is Michele Kajiwara, the SVP of Premium Seating at AEG/ Crytpo.com Arena. Michele’s story starts in retail where she learned that sales is a balance between hubris and humility. Throughout her story, you’ll hear advice like: “Follow your passion.” She’ll uncover the value in those years between jobs and reveal an alternate way to land that coveted position in your target company. She even asks the question that highlights why we do this series: “Who are the other leaders and what can I learn from them?” Prepare to take lots of notes. This fast-paced episode is filled with gems. …

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