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How to Open a Sales Call: Coaching Your Team to Reach Sales Excellence

how to open a sales call and achieve excellence in sales

Coaching your Sales Team to Set More Meetings, Close More Deals, and Surpass Their Performance KPIs

As a sales manager, you’re always looking for ways to improve your sales process and improve the performance of your sales team. One of the ideas that we constantly coach salespeople on in our sessions is that the most important part of the sales call is how you open. As mentioned in a past article, if you open a sales call correctly and follow your sales process, the close will follow as a natural part of the process.  

Using the Human Sales Factor to Build a Breakthrough Agile Sales Team

agile sales and the human sales factor

Agile Sales Training is the New Alchemy of the 21st Century

In the past, alchemists were obsessed with transforming common elements, like lead, into something more valuable, like gold. Today, we may not have realized their ambitious goals, but we have achieved a level of success in transforming simple, common elements into items that have more value in our society.

Sales Leaders: How to Effectively Delegate Sales Tasks and Assign Projects

effectively delegate sales and assign projects to your sales team

Identifying and Establishing an Effective Sales Delegation Process 

As a sales leader, you’ll want to spend time reviewing your process for delegating sales tasks and assigning projects. If you want to make your team as effective as possible and free yourself to address the problems only you can address, then you’ll want to learn how to delegate effectively so that each member of your team can expand their skill set and be coached through the process.

Unleash the Potential of Your Sales Team 

Help your salespeople lead masterful sales conversations, build their pipelines, resolve rebuttals, increase win rates, negotiate the best agreements, and drive growth for strategic accounts with Tyson Group sales training and performance systems.