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ASO 5 | darleen santore ; coach dar ; against the sales odds the art of bouncing back

The Art Of Bouncing Back With Coach Dar

Sometimes, life will throw you a gut punch. Darleen Santore, aka Coach Dar, has seen a fair share of calamitous situations in her 25+-year career, from major league players suffering slumps and season-ending injuries to executives floundering professionally and experiencing financial devastation. That’s on top of her own setbacks like three strokes before the age of 45 and the loss of both of her parents. How did she thrive through all of that? More importantly, how can you do the same? As a mental skills coach whose clients have included professional athletes, top CEOs, and world leaders, Coach Dar specializes in helping the best of the best get up and get going again after suffering serious setbacks. In this episode of Against the Sales Odds, she shares these proven strategies and techniques from her new book, The Art of Bouncing Back, so you can ensure the obstacles and setbacks you face quickly morph into setups for your next success.

How to Determine Buying Motives and Make Every Sales Call Profitable

Buying Motives - rocket fuel for driving your sales process and profits

Buying Motives – Rocket Fuel for Driving Your Sales Process and Profits

Before we jump into buying motives and the buying process, let’s revisit the doctor’s office analogy for a review of the sales process.

When the doctor starts asking questions to diagnose your situation, the questions they ask are simple at the start. The questions they ask are based on their own general experience and their historical knowledge of you. For example, they might ask, “What’s your age? When was the last time you were seen by a doctor? How do you currently feel?” …

Effective Sales Questions are the Key to Boosting Your Credibility

how to use effective sales questions to enhance your evaluation process

Guiding the Evaluation Process Using Effective Sales Questions

When was the last time you were at the dealership shopping for a car?

You and I both know you weren’t there by accident. You were there for a specific reason and more than likely, you spent some time planning out the visit, what you were looking for, and how many other dealerships you were planning to visit that day.

So somebody please explain to me why the first question most salespeople ask is: “Can I help you?” …

ASO 4 | Effective Leadership

The Keys To Effective Leadership With Kristin Bernert

The business side of sports is as much about team building as it is in the court or field. Kristin Bernert has been on both sides of the court. Now finding herself in a top leadership position, she understands the value of effective leadership in empowering teams that make an organization great. In this conversation with Lance Tyson, she shares with us how that dynamic plays out in the Columbus Crew, where she is the President of Business Operations. She also tells us of her journey in sports, sales and leadership and some compelling stories that teach us the keys to effective leadership, the power of team building, and more lessons on running a successful sports franchise. Tune in and learn the simple truth about leadership that so many people have to learn the hard way through years of experience! …

ASO 2 Kwame | Confidence In Conflict

Finding Confidence In Conflict With Kwame Christian

Most people approach business deals extremely carefully to steer clear of any arguments. But sometimes, there is confidence in conflict – as long as they are handled the right way. Lance Tyson sits down with Kwame Christian, President and CEO of the American Negotiation Institute, who talks about his strategies in finding opportunities even in the most serious conflicts. He explains why emotions must be set aside during business negotiation to yield the best results for both parties. Kwame also discusses the ideal way to handle artificial harmony and why being results-oriented is much better than simply being politically correct.

How to Close the Sale and Win More Deals Using Fewer Closing Techniques

High performing salespeople are like marathoners at the end of the race. They close the sale throughout the sales process and don't rely on fancy closing techniques at the end of the process.

To close the sale, you don’t need special skills like sales reps did in the past. In the last century (and yes, it feels strange writing that), salespeople trained specifically on how to close the sale because the prevailing attitude was that the sales rep held all the assets, the information, and the upper hand. The mindset managers pushed on their sales teams was memorialized with the acronym, ABC: Always Be Closing. In fact, some companies had entire sales manuals dedicated to effective sales closing techniques. And sales training programs focused almost entirely on closing the deal using a variety of sales closing tactics.

Overcoming Objections in Sales With 4 Powerful Tactical Responses

overcoming objections in sales by responding to them

We have reviewed how to identify sales objections and separate out true concerns from the smoke screens used by disinterested buyers. We reviewed the types of sales objections we encounter in the sales process. And we reviewed the best time to overcome common sales objections. So now it’s time to look at overcoming objections in sales through our responses.

ASO 1 | Blueprint For Success

The Blueprint For Success With Karen Mangia

Success could manifest in different ways, but at the heart of it, you can find some commonalities that catapult people to new heights. Our guest for this episode has moved around in her career, reaching higher from one transition to another. Karen Mangia, the Vice President of Customer & Market Insights with Salesforce, sits down for an insightful interview with Lance Tyson. She takes us across her journey, offering a blueprint for success. Beginning with her role at AT&T, Karen shares what she learned about building relationships to sales and why blending is not belonging. She takes us next to her role at Cisco, giving insights on the concept of balance, rest, and trusting your team. On to her current role at Salesforce, she then talks about the lessons in leadership and the importance of values that catapult her into the position she is in. What is more, Karen gives us a peek into her latest book, Success from Anywhereand her insights on the stress-free experiment. …

The Human Sales Factor – The One Chief Factor in All Situational Sales

salespeople today must use the human sales factor in situational salesDeveloping the Human Sales Factor is the New Alchemy in the 21st Century

In the past, alchemists were obsessed with transforming common elements, like lead, into something more valuable, like gold. Today, we may not have realized their ambitious goals, but we have achieved a level of success in transforming simple, common elements into items that have more value in our society.

The example …

Effective Sales Skills Assessment is the Magic to Fine Tuning Your Team

woman making sales skills assessment selection“People are overlooked for a variety of biased reasons and perceived flaws. Age, appearance, personality. Bill James and mathematics cut straight through that.”  -Peter Brand, Moneyball

The premise of Moneyball, both the book and the film, was that the method of recruiting baseball talent was stuck in the past. The process used outdated methods and antiquated …

Are You Enamored With Sales Leadership Over Sales Management?

sales leadership and sales managementThe content for this post was first published on FastCompany.com in the article “Have You Been Thinking About Sales Leadership All Wrong?” on April 7, 2022.

The Battle Between Sales Leaders and Sales Managers

Let me ask you a question: Would you prefer the title Sales Leader or Sales Manager?

I’m willing to bet that a great many of you picked Sales Leader over Sales Manager. Now, I have no facts or proof to back this up. However, I have conducted some unscientific surveys in my training sessions and consultations. And I’d have to say that more than 90% of the participants prefer the title Sales Leader over Sales Manager. Why is that? …

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