Sales Team Science Sales Assessment

Increase Sales Productivity. Reduce Sales Cycle Time. Higher Close Rates.
In 90 days or Less.


Increase sales productivity. Reduce sales cycle time. Higher close rates. In 90 days or less.​

Increase sales productivity. Reduce sales cycle time.
Higher close rates. In 90 days or less.

Tyson Group offers expert sales consulting and training tailored to companies’ individual needs, cultivating talent that yields measurable results. We have consulted on multi-billion-dollar negotiations for the nation’s most prominent sports stadiums, developed elite sales teams, and advised on the installation of sales methodology for countless organizations.

Using an assessment survey called The Key Drivers of High-Performance Sales Teams, we are able to analyze your sales team to determine what tools are needed to excel in their roles and help drive revenue.

The assessment uses meticulously designed questions for a robust evaluation of the following six metrics: Sales Leadership, Sales Management, Sales Process, Sales Talent, Sales Methodology, and Sales Enablement. Responses are then used to generate a customized scoring tabulation conducted through specialized software. Armed with this information, we then evaluate and design a training playbook customized specifically to enhancing the strengths of your sales team as well as building up those opportunities for improvement.

The Sales Team Science Sales Assessment measures the strength and effectiveness of your team across the following six metrics:

Sales Leadership

Your culture, structure, expectations, experience, behavior, and values

Sales Management

Your leads, pipeline, goals, tracking, reporting, KPIs, and compensation

Sales Process

Your road map, prospecting strategies, agendas, presentations, product knowledge, marketplace opps, and pricing

Sales Effectiveness

The measure of overall productivity and goal achievement based on critical skillsets

Sales Methodology

Your sales philosophies employed, i.e. relationship selling, strategic selling, value-based selling, etc.

Sales Talent

Your process to select, onboard, develop, and retain salespeople

Sales Enablement

The technology and processes you use to conduct, support, and manage your sales process.

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