From Poker To Business: Habits For Sales Success With Brandon Bornancin

The road to success is a long and winding one, but you will get there with the right mindset and the right habits. Today’s guest is Brandon Bornancin, CEO and founder of Seamless.AI, the world’s best sales leads. Brandon has had ups and downs in his career and, as a poker player, he is more than familiar with loss. In this episode, Brandon shares what he learned from playing poker, and that has helped him succeed. It’s all about going all in and doing whatever it takes. In this interview, he shares how these habits helped his company thrive through the pandemic. Listen in for more insight on how to succeed and take control of your own success.

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Against the Sales Odds Talks About the Habits For Sales Success With Brandon Bornancin

I’m so excited about this episode. I have Brandon Bornancin, who is the CEO and Founder of Seamless.AI, the world’s best sales leads. Ironically enough, here’s a quick story of how Brandon and I hooked up. Brandon had pitched me. This is the third company he has launched. We had lunch in Dublin, Ohio. He met with one of the guys running my call center and my data and me. My guy said, “What do you think of him?” I said, “That guy can sell.”

Over time, I followed him. I’m on LinkedIn doing some research. Brandon launched his book that he’s going to talk about but also did something difficult. His organization won a prestigious award as one of the best places to work in Columbus, Ohio. That is not a Vandy award. That means you are doing a lot of things right around leadership, culture and growth. I called him up, and he gave me this great idea and sent me a video message through LinkedIn. He responded immediately that night to me.

I didn’t even tell you this, Brandon. I told all my salespeople to start doing that and they have been getting appointments because they’re doing video messages through LinkedIn. I almost don’t even want to tell anybody about this because it’s such a good idea. Welcome. Why don’t you tell everybody a little bit about what you do on a day-to-day basis? Everybody knows what a CEO does but you wear a lot of hats at Seamless.

Lance, what’s going on? Thanks so much for having me. I’m a big fan of the show and it’s an honor to be here. I can’t believe we’re both here in Columbus, Ohio. I wish we were getting together in the studio but we’ll keep it virtual. To everyone reading, it’s great to meet you. Thanks for reading. I’m Brandon Bornancin, CEO and Founder of Seamless. I’m a serial salesperson and entrepreneur who built a bunch of companies. A few of them turned into eight-figure companies and a few of them lost millions.

I have gone multiple times from riches to rags, rags to riches, and everything in between. I’ve got the scar tissue to prove it. I’m the CEO and Founder of Seamless.AI. I built a platform when I was selling for IBM and Google to help automate a lot of my appointment-setting and list-building work. I quickly in 12 to 24 months went from $0 to $100 million in sales insanely fast and became a multimillionaire.

It was the first time I did it, not as an entrepreneur but as a salesperson. That’s when I realized I got to help salespeople, marketers and entrepreneurs in the world do the same. I quit my job and took all the money I made using this platform called Seamless, which finds cellphones and emails for anyone in the world. We power 120,000 sales teams. Also, in my free time, I write 15 to 17 sales books. We’ve got a weekly podcast that gets about one million viewers a week. That’s my day and night job.

You are out there all over the place. It’s interesting. You hear people say all the time that they’re serial entrepreneurs. At Ohio University, you launched your first company and partnered up, which is a hard thing to do right away. Talk a little bit about that first experience and what you learned about sales and leadership as you launched that first company at eighteen.

It started before that. My mom worked at a grocery and a bank for twenty years. She was super broke. My dad worked in construction and sold computers at Macy’s, the retail store. Luckily, my dad got a break and a job offer to go take a sales internship at a software startup at the time. He goes from sales intern to VP of Sales, building the first billion-dollar software company in the United States. I saw our family go from super poor like garage sale clothes, canned foods, and my mom cutting coupons Thursday through Sunday.

My mom would throw my sister and me in a raggedy Nissan Sentra and drive us every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to garage sales. I remember it like it was yesterday. Luckily, over the years, when my dad took a bet on this software company, he ended up taking it to $1 billion. It was the first B2B software company to IPO. I started to go from super poor to rich because it’s software and sales. I knew going into school that I wanted to get into software sales and ended up going to OU because they had the number one business school, sales school and party school in the state of Ohio. It was all three.

It’s one of the first schools to teach sales and one of the early adopters of it.

ASO 26 | Success Habits
Sales Secrets: The World’s Top Salespeople Share Their Secrets to Success

They were 1 of the first 5 schools to do a sales college program and The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre. That’s why I went there. I was a big online gambler and poker player. I would spend thousands of dollars at the tables. Half the time, I would win money and half the time, I would lose it all. I had this epiphany when I was playing.

All my friends would ask me, “What sites do you use?” There are partypoker, Full Tilt Poker, and PokerStars. I’m like, “They should pay me to tell them what sites to join.” I cold-called all the online poker sites. I could never get ahold of anyone because they were in Gibraltar and overseas. You couldn’t even do it on a flip phone yet. International dialing was so difficult.

I remember putting in a bunch of changes into one of the payphones and trying to do an international dial. I finally got one of the right guys to pick up and pitched them to pay me $250 per person to sign up. They’re like, “No, but I’ll give you $100 to line up people.” I went from dorm room to dorm room knocking on doors from James Hall to Brown hall, Jeff Hall, and West Green in OU. I scaled it the first year to $1 million, the second year to $4 million, and the third year to $6 million. The total was about $11 million to $12 million in sales. They made online gambling illegal and I launched a second company. I had a fun time.

That was the first company and then you launched a second company. In the second company, that was one you took on the chin a little bit?

In the second company, I got my butt kicked. Right when I’m in gambling, it shutdown. It was President Bush and the US SAFE Port Act of 2007. I remember like it was yesterday. I was never smart enough. I was always all-in and never worried about the losses because I’m an addicted gambler. I go all-in. I’m not worried about macroeconomics. All the news was like, “The government can’t tax casinos and online gambling. You name it.” I’m like, “Screw that. We will be around forever,” and then they come out with this legislation. All of the poker sites shut down in the US.

I was 18, 19 to 20 when I ran this company. I didn’t know how to go to Canada, the EU or Spain. I have no idea. I’m just trying to make money and party. I thought that flip phones would be the future of customer relationship management, customer acquisition and sales. I’m like, “Text message marketing is going to be the future. What if you could communicate to all of your customers and prospects in real-time with a text message? It will change the way sales are made forever?”

I take $3 million to $4 million. We invested in this company, got a big office space, hired 40 to 50 people at the college campus, and it failed. This business burned $4 million over the course of three and a half years. It’s because of two reasons. One, I didn’t have the list of the B2B marketers I needed to sell my company EnMobile to. Poker was B2C sales. That was easy. Everyone I would talk to want to be part of that program.

It’s the consumer model versus B2B.

In B2B, you got to build a list. You’ve got a prospect that would email scripts, calling and all this jazz. I was 20, 21 or 22. I didn’t know a lot about it. I could never figure out how to build the list of the B2B marketers that I needed to sell this $25,000 to $100,000 solution to. Number two, why it failed was I was egotistical. When you make $12 million as an 18, 19 or 20-year-old and you’ve got everything in the world, all the cars, the vacation houses and everything, you don’t listen to a lot of people. That company, over the next 3 to 4 years, loses $4 million. I get my butt kicked. We go $100,000 in debt.

This was during the 2007, 2008 and 2009 financial crises. My dad, who I told you about, who built the first billion-dollar company and became a multimillionaire, invests all that money into real estate. He and all his salespeople are like, “I invested in this property. It doubled. I bought this $500,000 property in Fort Myers or Naples. It went from $500,000 to $1.2 million in seven months.” My dad leverages all of our cash and buys all the real estate. The market crashes, he loses everything.

I’m in the middle of this failing company. I’ve got no money. We have barely any sales. I’m $100,000 in debt. I’m sleeping in a studio on a bed on the floor, hating my life. It was the most miserable time ever. I remember at the end of that spin for EnMobile, I was stealing food out of this shared office fridge to eat. It was a nightmare. We shut it down. Danielle, my partner and my wife, is the COO at Seamless. She quit and went to law school.

Being a salesperson is better than being an entrepreneur. You get no risk, you have to invest $0, and you get all the upside.

My VP of Sales, Mike, who was also part of EnMobile and the poker company, goes and does media sales for Sinclair Broadcasting, a big digital media company. Jake, my VP of Product, left EnMobile to build AI products at IBM Interactive. He called me and he’s like, “Selling IBM Watson is the easiest thing in the world to sell. You got to quit. Don’t worry about doing anything else. Come join me. I’ll build the products. You sell them at IBM Interactive.” I did that.

How long did you do that?

ASO 26 | Success Habits
Success Habits: If you want to be successful, you need the sales list and training. You need to put both of those together and start making some activity.

For about three and a half years.

As you said, “I’m a serial entrepreneur.” Serial entrepreneurs are 100% passionate about what they do and how they sell. It’s all their enthusiasm. It’s their soul. What changed from Brandon in college to IBM? Did you refine yourself? Did you change the approach? What did you get better at?

My new book highlights this a lot, Sales Secrets. From the minute I quit entrepreneurship, I knew that I failed because I didn’t have the sales list, training, expertise and coachability. If you want to be successful, you need the sales list and training. You need to put both of those together and start making some activities. When I started at IBM, the first thing I did was I was driving to work and I pulled into a Kinko’s. I remember walking in because I had to print some paper that I had been assigned to bring in to the IBM Interactive in downtown Columbus.

There was this big rack. I’m walking by and there’s a bunch of people in line. I’m playing around on the rack and I see Smart Calling by Art Sobczak, Selling to BIG Companies by Jill Konrath, and some cold calling book by a guy named Steve Schiffman. I remember seeing these books and I’m like, “I got to buy these books. I don’t know a thing about B2B sales. That’s why I got my butt kicked.” I bought Art’s book, Jill’s book, and Steve’s book, checked out, printed the paper that I needed to sign, went to work at IBM, and read those books. I went all-in on figuring out how to build lists and how to get the sales training on how to scale up and over the next decade. I read 250 sales books.

That’s where most entrepreneurs fail. Every time we work with a startup, do any consulting, and build sales processes, most entrepreneurs we end up dealing with are product-heavy and sales poor. None come in to blend. They spent so much on their product and then didn’t figure out how they were going to sell it. Selling comes down to how they find financing and get to market, whether it’s B2C or B2B. I love that. You got an appointment with me. I’m pretty hard. I have a lot of layers. I’m usually hard to get an appointment with and not only that, but I never go to lunch with people. I never freaking go to lunch and I’m meeting with you.

It’s a big-time investment.

I try to protect my time as much as possible. I’m sensitive with who I give time to. You start building Seamless and you were going hard course. I wouldn’t say door to door but you were hardcore prospecting Seamless. You were the only sales guy when I met you.

To be successful, you need to go all-in.

At IBM, I knew that the list from EnMobile is the most critical thing to acquiring your total addressable market, finding all the customers that you need to sell to, and generating millions in sales insanely fast. I didn’t know a lot about how to build an automated AI-driven platform, so I built a manual. First off, I got the budget to write a $3.7 million check to all these different databases. I bought these expensive sales databases like ZoomInfo, Dun & Bradstreet, Redbooks, and DiscoverOrg. I cut these checks to all these different, large, old and expensive databases.

I get access to them and I’m still selling the VPs of digital marketing. After I cut this almost $4 million worth of budget check with my team, we logged into these databases. They have zero digital marketers. We’re worried about losing our jobs and getting our asses out on the street again. First off, if you blow a multimillion-dollar budget and say that it was a bad investment, you’re fired instantly. I knew we had to get the list to sell to everyone at IBM. We bought all these databases and realized that we got scammed by these salespeople. We were not scammed, but they were missing all the data.

It’s bad data against bad data. We had a call center. We were buying data and replacing it with our bad data. It was like mixing bad gas sometimes.

It’s like this incestuous pool of people that no longer exist at these companies or have wrong phone numbers and emails. I was worried about losing my job. We built this 10, 20 to 30-person list-building team at IBM and spun it up out of the air. We drove tens of millions of dollars and got as high as $40 million to $50 million. I got recruited to go sell for Google after three years in. I’m selling IBM Watson and these smart websites. If I wanted to sell a $2 million website, you got to be like, “That better make me $4 million, $5 million, $6 million or $8 million.”

It was hard for me to quantify the ROI of your investment in this beautiful website or AI-driven digital marketing campaign. Google was like, “If you give me $1, I’m going to get you $3 back instantly.” It reminded me of the gambling days. When I would invest money in media, I knew how many customers I would acquire. Google was a much easier sell. I went to Google and brought Jake, my VP of Product, with me. When we were at Google, we’re like, “Instead of building a 30-person team, why don’t we build a search engine like Google that uses AI that finds all the current titles of the current companies, and then the AI will research, validate and verify their cell phones and emails.”

ASO 26 | Success Habits
Success Habits: Everyone doesn’t know how to play anything when they start. You have to play a lot. You’ll play a lot, lose your money, and learn why you lost your money. When you play again, you’ll play it smarter.

We built this prototype of Seamless to automate our selling. We went from 0 to $100 million in less than 24 months and I became a millionaire. When I got my call for my first six-figure commission check in one month, it was $137,000 in my first month. I was hungover at The Cosmopolitan playing a poker tournament. In two years, I never took a vacation. The one time I took a vacation was to go play a poker tournament and I was staying at The Cosmopolitan. We flew in Thursday, went out Thursday night, and on Friday morning, I’m lying in bed and I get a call from my accountant.

Salespeople and entrepreneurs, if you get a call from your account, you’re in trouble. I’m like, “Chris, what’s the problem?” She’s like, “We have a problem.” I’m looking up at the ceiling at The Cosmopolitan in my hotel and my buddy has passed out on the bed next to me. He’s throwing pillows at me to shut up because it’s 9:00 AM there and it’s 12:00 PM on the East Coast or whatever it is. She was like, “If I pay you $137,000 this month in commission, taxes are going to be over 50% to 55%.”

I was fuzzy because we went out pretty hard the night before. I’m like, “What do you mean? For the $13,700, just pay the $13,000.” She’s like, “I owe you $137,000.” I’m like, “How?” She’s like, “You did this deal and that brought in $20,000. This deal brought in $50,000. This deal brought in $5,000. This deal brought in $70,000.” It totaled up to $137,500. That’s when the epiphany hit me. I was like, “I have been in so many back-to-back pitches because I automated all of this list-building and appointment-setting work.”

Right at that moment, I knew I had to have the time of my life that weekend in Vegas gambling, going out, and doing my thing because right when I got back, I was going to go all-in on building this platform full-time to help every salesperson, marketer and entrepreneur generate over $1 million in sales as I did in W-2 income. The rest is history and I have been all-in on building the platform. It has been a wild ride. Finding everyone’s cell phones and emails and building a real-time search engine for sales is one of the hardest platforms to build, but we have nailed it and now we help 120,000 sales teams.

Talk about two things. Number one, you talked a lot about the platform you built. Talk about building the company because the company is not the platform, but it’s part of that organism. How much time do you spend on your people development? It’s hard to find another Brandon out there.

I spend 3 to 4 hours a day on daily standups, coaching and strategy with our teams every day. First off, I’m up at 4:30 AM. Every day right when I wake up, I post a motivational message in our Slack channel to the whole company. Typically, I have the number of sales days left in the year. I built a site called It tells you the number of sales days left in the year. Typically, I open up the day every day with the number of sales days left in the year.

There’s always something you can learn. Whether it’s the number one competitor in your space, another trainer, coach or expert, there’s always something you can learn from someone.

What are our goals for that month, that day and that week? I try to inspire and motivate the team to break our records and improve from 1% to 5% every day. I will work from 5:00 to 7:00 and work out for an hour and a half. I’m in daily standup meetings with each department for 30 minutes each. I will do about three hours of those. We scaled the company in 2020 from 20 people to 130 people. In 2022, we’re going for 500. We invest a lot in our people all the time.

How many salespeople do you have altogether?

It’s about 70 to 80. I’ve got about 40 to 45 SDRs and 30 to 35 AEs.

If you watch Brandon and any of his social media and follow him on LinkedIn, you will see a lot of posts where he sends awards. You built this culture of customers where you send them awards when they hit a certain level or plateau of business. I’m assuming you do that internally also.

Yes. When I made over $1 million in sales income, it was the most special thing in the world because I was an entrepreneur that became a millionaire, and then I lost it all. I could never get back to becoming a millionaire again as a salesperson. I did it as a salesperson, not an entrepreneur because a salesperson is better than being an entrepreneur.

You get no risk, you have to invest $0, and you get all the upside. As long as you work hard, you get unlimited income, no risks, no issues and no headaches. There’s the amount of time I have to deal with accounting, finance, engineering, customer success, marketing sales, operations, fundraising, investors, venture capitalists.

I’m a salesperson at the core. I love it. Now, 1/10 of my day is on sales and the other 9/10 is on all the other stuff. When I did the $1 million as W-2, we were using my software, Seamless.AI. It was always my secret weapon. I didn’t want anyone to know about it because I was making so much money. I beat all of my peers at selling for Google and anyone in the industry. It was my secret weapon and then I realized, “If I could help, a lot of people make a lot of money, I will be able to make a lot of money.” The goal was for everyone to make $1 million.

You celebrate that all the time. That’s something that caught my eye. If you’re doing that for customers, your culture is that internally. There’s no doubt. It seems natural and those people were into it. As we start bringing this bird down for a landing, how has poker influenced your leadership and your sales?

ASO 26 | Success Habits
Success Habits: You got to do whatever it takes, assume responsibility for everything, and never play the victim game.

It’s twofold. In poker, to be successful, you got to go all-in. I always go all-in and try to remove any distractions. I work seven days a week and I love it. When I’m working, this isn’t work for me. This is what I love to do. I get to do the greatest job in the world every day. When I’m not doing this, building Seamless, and trying to help every salesperson make $1 million in sales, I feel like I’m wasting time, my potential, and other people’s potential. That’s because I went all-in relentlessly for years to build a company, build this platform and get to where I’m at. I will still go all-in. That’s the first advice.

The second piece of advice is when I started playing poker, I didn’t know how to play. Everyone doesn’t know how to play anything when they start. I was new to poker and a few of my friends were good. I always ask them, “How the hell do you get good at poker?” These guys are idiots. They would tell you, “You have to play a lot. You’ll play a lot, lose your money, and learn why you lost your money. When you play again, you’ll play it smarter.” I’m like, “That sounds the dumbest thing in the world.”

This is in my new book, Sales Secrets. What I realized was the secret is you can do anything in two ways. One, by trial and error, which is how my idiot friends did poker or you can model, learn, copy, and execute the smartest people in the world in that field. Learn what they do, do what they tell you to do, and then go execute. I realized from poker, instead of following my dumbass friends, I bought every poker book in Barnes & Noble, Borders, and all these book places that went out of business.

I remember trying to find any poker books. There weren’t many in the store. I would buy them all and read them. I kept going and winning. That made me realize why I wrote my book Sales Secrets. It was the culmination of studying and reading over 253 sales books. I’m looking for the secrets from all these different experts.

I’m trying to learn from them and learn from all these people because I got my butt kicked as an entrepreneur running EnMobile and being egotistical. I don’t see anyone as competition. The only competition is myself. There’s always something you can learn, whether it’s the number one competitor in your space, another trainer, coach or expert. There’s always something you can learn from someone. I would buy these books and learn from them. That’s how I made a ton of money in poker.

You’re one list away from the life, the family, the sales, and the customers you want. You got to do whatever it takes to sell or acquire that list and learn anything that you don’t know.

You form your own philosophy. You take all that information in and develop and filter your philosophy or sharpen the edge that you have. The only competition is yourself. It’s the only person you’re going to compete against. You’ll play lonely games too and games you can’t win because they will be against you. Dr. Seuss all day. What is your leadership philosophy in a nutshell? You’re going to be a 500 person company.

We’re multiple eight figures and headed to nine figures. We built a 0 to 9-figure business in less than four years the way that we’ve done it. My new book is Whatever It Takes. When the pandemic hit in March 2020 here in Ohio specifically, they shut down the whole state. I had emergency meetings with all of our employees and laid out this framework to be successful during this pandemic economic crash.

There were a lot of our core values but the major theme was Whatever It Takes. There are a bunch of core values, habits, mindsets, and beliefs that are under Whatever It Takes. I wrote this book and launched it internally at our company. It helped us grow four X this 2021. We’ll grow 3 to 4 X this year because of the principles and core values in Whatever It Takes.

That’s where my team is like, “You’ve got to publish this book that we used internally,” so we’re publishing it. It’s like what we do with Seamless. We’re giving away our secret sauce. That would be my number one piece of advice. You got to do whatever it takes, assume responsibility for everything, and never play the victim game.

If there’s anything going wrong or bad in your life, it’s because of you and you got to own it. You’re going to do whatever it takes to improve it, learn from the experts or buy the lists. You’re one list away from the life, the family, the sales, and the customers you want. You got to do whatever it takes to sell or acquire that list and learn anything that you don’t know. That would be our leadership principles.

There are two more questions. You have an amazing story. I didn’t know most of this and more so than anything else that I do remember when I first met you, the last four letters of enthusiasm are iasm. I’m sold myself. There is not a doubt in the world that you’re sold yourself in what you do. It’s as you said, whatever it takes and that belief in yourself. What’s Brandon’s philosophy on sales? People say it’s about relationship building, action and value. What’s your methodology? What do you use?

ASO 26 | Success Habits
Whatever It Takes: Master the Habits to Transform Your Business, Relationships, and Life

I don’t have a methodology or framework. I believe that if you sell an amazing product that you think will change or improve the lives of your customers, you have to do whatever it takes to sell it because there’s no exchange in value. If you don’t sell your customer on your product, they don’t get the benefits, goals, KPIs, dreams, and realities that your product would take them. It wouldn’t take them from Point A to Point B. We’re at Point A, our current situation. We want to get to Point B, our future desired state.

Your solution takes them from Point A to Point B only if you can communicate and sell that customer that they need to exchange their money to go from Point A to Point B with your products and services. I believe you have to go do whatever it takes to communicate the product, benefits, social proof, ROI, selling, prospecting, calling, emailing, social selling, pitching and sales discovery.

It’s overcoming the objections, “I’m not interested. There’s no budget. It’s too expensive. I’m already working with someone. Send me more information. Call me back later. What’s your price? What’s your guarantee? I’m not the right person. Talk to my boss. You name it.” You have to do whatever it takes to overcome all those objections, put in all the sales activity, and write all the sales scripts. Whatever it takes is my sales philosophy. If your product can change the life of your prospects forever for the better, you have a responsibility and obligation to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

This is rapid-fire. Are you ready?


If you had one song before you make a big sale that you play in your head or play on your AirPods, what’s the song?

Forever by Drake, which has LeBron, Drake, Eminem, Kanye West and Lil Wayne, it’s all about everyone betting against you and you coming up and crushing it.

It can’t be my book or your book. What’s the one book you would or do gift the most?

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Here’s the last question and we will bring this bird down for a landing. You have a 7 or 8-year-old niece or nephew and they say, “Uncle Brandon, how do you define success?” You’ve got to give it back to them as a 7 or 8-year-old so that they could understand it.

You have to learn how to sell people. If you can learn how to sell, you can accomplish anything in this life. Sales are the greatest and highest-paid profession in the world that schools don’t talk about. Teachers will tell you to become a dentist, doctor or lawyer. I have more broke lawyer friends than I know what to do with. All my doctors make a lot of money but they work 18/7. They’re so worried about looking rich for other people that they leverage and buy all these things that they can’t afford.

They’ve got $500,000 in school debt because they went to school for ten years and they’ve got to keep up with the judges, so they live broke and can’t do anything with me. How does this relate? Sales are the greatest profession in the world. You don’t need any degree. You could generate an unlimited amount of income and truly become limitless. I will teach my kids how to sell at 3, 4, or 5 years old. I will have them start selling all the time and pay off their college by the time that they’re eighteen.

Seamless.AI is the world’s best sales list. Brandon, tell everybody how they can get in contact with you and how to get ahold of the book you launched, the next one coming up.

Join Seamless.AI for free. You get hundreds of leads for free. We’re going to find cellphones and emails for anyone in the world that you need to sell to using an artificial intelligence game-changer. I would love to see you on the platform. I also post daily strategies, tips, best practices, and advice there. You can also follow me on LinkedIn. Lastly, all 3 to 4 of my books are on Amazon. The other fifteen are behind a vault for our customers to buy and get.

You’ve got Seven Figure Social Selling on Amazon, a number one bestseller. You’ve got Sales Secrets where I interviewed over 100 sales experts on their secrets to success. That’s the number one bestseller on Amazon and then my new book, Whatever It Takes: Master the Habits to Transform Your Business, Relationships, and Life. These are all the core values that we use to triple the company during the pandemic and build multiple eight-figure companies during the worst economic time of our history. It’s also on Amazon.

I appreciate your time.

Thank you, Lance. Thank you, everyone, for reading. I would love to connect with you.

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Today Brandon is the CEO, Founder & inventor of Seamless.AI. His company delivers the world’s best sales leads using artificial intelligence to find anyone’s direct dials, emails, and cellphones in seconds. Seamless.AI helps over 150,000+ sales teams automate list building, fill their calendars with back-to-back appointments and generate millions in sales.
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In Brandon’s free time, he likes to wake surf on his boat, work out, and race his Ferrari’s on the track. He currently resides in Columbus, Ohio and Tampa, Florida with his wife Danielle Demming.

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