Year: 2020

Use sales starters for a strong sales opening

Have Them at Hello

Encourage Sales Starters to Build a Strong Sales Team Getting a two-way conversation going is crucial to increase sales effectiveness, and questions are a great way to do it. Let’s talk about Sales Starters. One time I was with one of my new hires, Ellen Valudes, at a meeting with a

Cop an Attitude

How Grit and Determination Underpin Sales Effectiveness   There’s an exercise I like to do with management teams and salespeople in which they list attributes that would make their replacements successful. “If you had to hire somebody for your job and would get a bonus of 20 percent of your salary, what are things you …

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Self-Regulate to Sell

High performing sales teams exhibit behavioral activity that matches those that they are dealing with, people who go out of their way to make that personal connection. That’s means having a high EQ.

Red-Ocean Mindset

Revising the Sales Playbook to Ignite Sales EQ There was a book a few years ago called Blue Ocean Strategy. The concept was that a blue ocean means that the water is deep, has a lot of fish, and has fewer people fishing. Thanks to COVID-19, however, businesses are suddenly finding themselves in a red …

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Don’t Be a Battleship

In the early 2000s in the Atlantic, there was a tense showdown between Spain and the US Navy. Essentially, there’s an emergency frequency that maritime uses, and a message went out at night from a what the crew thought was a small Spanish boat to the USS Lincoln, the second largest battleship in the Navy.