Sales Training Exercise – Don’t Let a Sales Objection Stop Your Process

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As salespeople, one of the challenges we have when encountering a sales objection is we tend to react in the moment.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m all for flexibility and spontaneity. In fact, I think salespeople need to be more spontaneous and flexible.

However, when someone puts forth an objection, you have to first get them define, defend, and explain what they are objecting. Otherwise, you’re simply reacting to your interpretation of the prospect’s statement.  Which means you’ll miss the opportunity to address their real issue.

Here’s a tip: When encountering a true sales objection, the first move in getting your prospect to define, defend, and explain the objection is to cushion their statement before asking them to define and explain it. Remember, this isn’t a cage match and you aren’t gearing up for battle. You want to be consultational, not confrontational.

Sales Training Exercise – Defining and Explaining a Sales Objection

Here’s your exercise this week.  Get with your sales team. Coach them to come up with 5 or more statements to cushion a prospect’s objection. These are generic statements that simply acknowledge you heard their concern.

For example, “your price is too high” is a common sales objection salespeople hear.  Members of your sales team can then respond:

  • I can appreciate that…
  • I hear what you’re saying…
  • I know how you feel…

Simple statements of acknowledgement like these allow you to keep the conversation neutral. Your salespeople can then ask a simple question, like: “When you say price, how do you mean?”

Remember, your task, under these circumstances, is to keep the conversation consultational. You want them to define and explain their objection without being confrontational. If your prospect feels their position is threatened or there’s a battle brewing, they will dig in for the coming battle and you won’t get an accurate response in your discovery.

You can find the entire process for getting your prospect to define, defend, and explain their objection here in our Resolving Sales Objections manual. Download copies for your team before your next sales meeting. Review the process with them and begin creating a sales process that produces consistent and steady results.