Selling Is An Away Game – Lance Tyson Speaks on Sales Philosophy

selling is an away game

See the world through your prospect’s eyes. Take a walk in their shoes.

You’ve heard me say it before. We’ve written about it on multiple occasions.

Selling is an away game. It takes place in the mind of your prospect.

During my time training salespeople, I’ve run into a few who’ve had a little trouble embracing this concept. They see selling as something that you do to someone. They start by getting their foot in the door, and they end with closing the sale. Invariably, these salespeople have the hardest time getting out of their head and leaving their “mental stuff” behind.

It’s probably why our customers’ biggest complaint about the sales process is their salesperson doesn’t listen to them. All of the sales training concepts exist, from achieving rapport to conducting a consultative review, only to allow the salesperson to push their products.
Here’s a piece of advice I remember from my early sales years:

If you can see the world through John Brown’s eyes, you can sell John Brown what he buys

Which means if you want to sell your services, you have to think like your prospects. You have to get out of your head and see the world through their eyes… walk their life in their shoes. Selling your prospects “what you want them to have” and “the way you wanted to sell” is a hit-or-miss venture at best. Not all of your prospects think like you. So this “you” centric strategy isn’t going to yield the results you want. If you want to talk to more prospects and sell more solutions, you’re going to need to get out of your head, and onto the field of play in your prospect’s mind.

Selling is an Away Game. It Happens in Your Prospect’s Mind

When you realize that the sale takes place on the field in the prospect’s mind, your whole sales process takes a different tone. You focus less on your product and more on creating your prospect’s solution. You work to create a favorable client experience that turns your prospects into clients and keeps your clients coming back for more. And that results in a more streamlined sales process, reduced sales cycles, fewer objections, and more referrals.

On May 23, 2018, Lance Tyson, in conjunction with the Cincinnati Business Courier, will conduct a half-day seminar that takes a closer look at this philosophy. We’ll discuss how approaching selling as an away game and getting on the field inside the prospect’s head can impact your sales process. Some of the topics Lance will cover include:

    • Understanding the importance of a predictable and scalable sales process.
    • Distinguishing between grit and strategy.
    • Implementing an effective sales process.

If you are looking to shorten your sales cycle time and streamline your sales process, don’t miss this opportunity to see Lance in action. Bring your curiosity for the Q&A session after the seminar.

So, mark May 23, 2018 on your calendars and register today for the Courier Classroom: Selling is an Away Game event. Register here at the Cincinnati Business Courier Business Events page

Good Selling!

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