Lance Tyson Will Discuss Sales Leadership In April’s Business Courier Event

in sales leadership playing chess think strategically

As a sales leader, you can’t afford to play checkers. You need to play chess. Start planning your next moves now!

Developing Sales Leadership Skills

As a leader of a sales team, you’re in a position to keep your team functioning at peak performance. That means you have to sometimes give a presentation to motivate the whole team.  It also means you’ll have times when you’ll need to coach individuals according to their strengths and weaknesses.  As a result, you need to be aware of how your team is performing overall as well as how each individual is performing within the team.

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How to Respond to your Prospect’s Sales Objections

responding to sales objections four methods

In past posts, we reviewed how to identify sales objections and separate out true concerns from the trivial pursuits. We reviewed how to classify the real objections that do come up. And we reviewed the best time to address these objections.

The final task remaining is how to respond to these real sales objections when we find them.

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When Is the Best Time to Deal With Objections?

The best times to deal with objections

I remember attending a sales call with one of my salespeople back when we were starting our foray into performance sales training. He had landed an opportunity for a sizable in-house training deal and felt he was flying without a safety net. He wanted me to join him to give him some assistance and coaching on handling a deal this size.

After we made our introductions, we settled in to review our solution. After taking stock of the room and before my sales rep went into the presentation, I prefaced the meeting with the following comment: Continue reading