Can You See The World From The Prospect’s Perspective?

prospect's perspective
When I had my call center, I remember fielding a question from a member of my inside sales team after she finished a call. She said, “I just got off the phone with a guy who said he didn’t have time to talk because he was in a meeting. That just doesn’t make sense to me. I mean, why would you pick up the phone if you were in a meeting?” Continue reading

Sales Negotiation Essentials for Competitive Pricing

sales negotiation essentials to maintain competitive pricing
When I work with freshman sales reps, I usually have to untrain them from an odd, but consistent habit.

In coaching new reps on their phone style, I’ve found that they have a misconception about sales. They will invariably use some kind of price reduction as their solution’s main feature. Continue reading

Voicemail Messages – 3 Secrets To Getting A Response

Getting Voicemail Messages Returned

Here is the question beginning sales reps ask a lot during my sales training sessions:

I’ve left 25 voicemail messages and sent several emails. How do I get a response from my prospect?

After mulling over the question, I have a few questions of my own:

  • Are you trying to connect with the right person?
  • Is the product/service you are offering a good match for what the company does?
  • Are your sales processes and techniques a match for their environment?

Continue reading

Sales Process Hacks – 3 Ideas To Become A Trusted Advisor

Hacking the sales process. 3 steps to becoming a trusted advisor

There Is No One-Call Close. We All Contribute.

Here’s a revelation about the sales process from our Director of Technology followed by a few ideas on hacking the sales process and becoming a trusted advisor. Continue reading