Sales Tactics for Opening A B2B Sales Call Over The Phone

Sales tactics for Opening a Sales Call

Sales Tactics That Don’t Work – Reading Your Script

I can’t believe sales reps are still being taught old tactics that don’t work.

This morning I received a call from someone offering a free executive report as a “reward” for subscribing to one of their online publications. I can appreciate what these sales reps are trying to accomplish. However, if you you’re targeting executives, your communication style needs to be a little more… executive-like. Continue reading

Opening A Sales Call – Adaptive Selling Sales Tips

Opening a sales call.
Back in the later half of the 2000s when I started assembling my current crew, I attended a Dale Carnegie session in which the future leader of my inside sales team was enrolled. During that session, I heard her deliver a remarkable story about opening a sales call, displaying exceptional sales acumen for someone just starting their sales career. Continue reading