Sports Business Journal Interviews Lance Tyson on Pro Sports Sales

“Teams struggle with all the analytical data they have and they pile it on the sales person. It slows the sales person down.”

Lance Sits Down With the Crew at the Sports Business Journal

Lance Tyson CEO PRSPXRecently, Lance Tyson sat down with the good folks at the Street & Smith’s Sports Business Journal and gave them a candid one-on-one, touching on some of the pain points facing sales management in the professional sports and entertainment segments.

The interview highlights several troubling areas for sports sales teams. Areas like helping sales reps make the transition from selling seats to individual fans to selling entertainment suites to corporations. Or our increased dependence on sales data and analytics. Mind you, sales data is good to have, but we shouldn’t use it as a panacea.

However, of particular importance, pro sports sales leaders and sales management need to recognize that training is not an event.  Too often I’ve been a part of programs that put forth good ideas and the participants make significant changes. But when the training event eventually ends, the changes that the participants gained begin to slowly erode until the participants revert back to their original, established habits.

Training is a process, not an event. And steps must be taken in the training process to help reinforce and nurture the new changes until they take root and begin to grow within the participants.

Take a look at the full interview here at the Sports Business Journal site. Then drop Lance a tweet and let him know what some of your biggest challenges in sports sales are. I guarantee, he’ll drop several possible solutions on you before hitting you with the best possible solution.

Good Selling!