4 Adaptive Selling Tactics for Opening a Sales Call

Opening The Sales Call using Adaptive Selling tactics

The Mistake New Sales Reps Make When Opening a Sales Call

In our training sessions, our clients regularly ask about ways of opening a sales call. These questions typically take the form of, “I make 100 cold calls a day and nobody’s buying anything. What am I doing wrong?” or “I leave a voicemail message whenever I don’t reach someone. How come no one ever returns my calls?”

The answer to questions like these can be almost anything, from the type of phone they use to the time of day. However, here is how I usually respond to these questions to insure our discussion has the right focus: Continue reading

Sports Business Journal Interviews Lance Tyson on Pro Sports Sales

“Teams struggle with all the analytical data they have and they pile it on the sales person. It slows the sales person down.”

Lance Sits Down With the Crew at the Sports Business Journal

Lance Tyson CEO PRSPXRecently, Lance Tyson sat down with the good folks at the Street & Smith’s Sports Business Journal and gave them a candid one-on-one, touching on some of the pain points facing sales management in the professional sports and entertainment segments. Continue reading