Fundamentals For Creating Your Sales Presentation

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Create A Framework For Your Sales Presentation

Here’s a quick tip when you are preparing to verbally deliver your proposed solution to your client.
In the course of your career, some of your sales presentations will involve sizeable deals and require detailed material. However, you are a sales rep, not the head of state. The fate of a nation isn’t going to depend on your every word. So, there’s no need to read from a written script.

When you are presenting the case for your product or services, you need the flexibility to address questions, issues, and challenges that your prospect may bring up. In addition, you want to be free to respond to the needs of your audience. To do that, you need to be aware of how the audience is responding to your presentation in the moment. Don’t constrain yourself with restrictive requirements.

Sales Presentations Fundamentals Tyson GroupFor example, I attended a sales presentation where the sales rep had prepared a proposed solution for a department manager of a local organization. When she sat down with the manager, she gave him a copy, kept a copy for herself, and then proceeded to read through the proposal as her presentation. The manager stopped her after 2 minutes and said, “Don’t read me the proposal. I can do that on my own time. Talk to me about this deal.” When she left the comfortable confines of her proposal, she was able to have a real conversation with the department manager and addressed his concerns in real time.

Do what professional speakers do. Put your major points in in outline form using note cards, in PowerPoint slides, or perhaps even a sales proposal. That outline serves as a framework for your you to speak about your solution. However, don’t use that framework as a crutch. You want to be free to interact with your audience and build a stronger relationship.

Use an outline to control the overall structure and flow of your presentation. Don’t read from a written script unless you really need the verbal precision. Remain free to address your audience.

Good Selling!

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Sales Presentations Fundamentals Tyson Group