Use These Tips to Increase Your Cold Call Success

spiderweb creating a network for prospecting in a company

When Making Cold Calls, Create a Web of Influence. Call Wide and Call Deep.

Studies have shown that 82% of sales reps feel challenged by the amount of data and the time it takes to research a prospect just to make the initial cold call. To be more blunt, Google and LinkedIn have become the purgatory for inefficient sales reps.

On average, you should have 3 different decision makers within an account with whom you’re cold calling. We define these decision makers as:

  • Managers or Level 3
  • VP/Directors or Level 2
  • C-Suite or Level 1

In most B2B sales it takes 2 to 3 decision makers to influence a decision. This methodology for using cold calls to discover these decision makers is called Spiderwebbing.

Find the Right Targets to Pursue

Although it is easiest to make contact with a Level 3, in order to shorten your sales process it is important to meet with a Level 1 or 2 decision maker. Level 1 decision makers have more power and can make a decision quicker and will ultimately be the ones to close the deal. However, sometimes they are the hardest to get in front of.  Level 2 decision makers ultimately may control the budget but may lean on Level 3 to get their opinion.  This is where Tyson Group comes in. We help you make sure your message is delivered to these contacts for ultimate prospecting.

Do your reps have the capacity, talent, and bandwidth to cold call your target market? Our process measures skill gaps and blindspots to create best practices for various sales positions and the competencies it takes to be successful.

We often work with teams around these competencies to help boost their ability to maximize their call conversion.