Are you reaching new business goals?

The internet has forced businesses to approach potential customers in such a way that sales have completely changed in the world of technology.  With all we have at our fingertips, the sales process should only get easier, not harder.

The keys to success are to have clean and accurate data, and have a solid process in place. While technology is making it easier to do this, we’re also getting inundated with calls and emails.  

It’s an endless, vicious cycle. Calling and emailing potential customers can be an emotionally draining job, as it requires making numerous phone calls per day and follow up emails, the great majority of which end in rejection if you haven’t done your homework.

So how do you find the time, the capacity and talent to reach new business goals? There are a number of options to boost your company’s sales performance, including Sales Intelligence, Sales Lead Automation, Demand Generation and Sales Training.  

So how do you know what your company needs? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my data clean and accurate? Do we have a solid marketing process in place and are we tracking our results?
  • Are we successfully connecting with these potential customers?
  • Is my sales teams’ training up to date with the newest technologies and following a clear process?

Sales professionals who want to maximize company revenue need to consider how they filter, nurture, hand-off and respond to leads.

As I’m sure you know, generating new business is a constant struggle in B2B sales and that’s why Tyson Group works. We integrate seamlessly into your sales culture to leverage your sales and marketing strategies.  

We’ve worked with a number of clients who were successful at maintaining and  renewing current clients, but struggled to find the time, capacity and talent to bring in new business opportunities.

Do you have the talent, capacity and bandwidth to get in front of the right decision makers?  Do you have the right Sales Intelligence or Lead Lists to know who the High Value Targets are?

You can connect with us here and ask how we were able to create a solution where our client opted to explore our services and grow their revenue by 24%.