10 Tips for Creative Prospecting Online

Social media and inbound marketing have helped to reinvent cold calling in a digital world. Finding prospects online is absolutely possible. However, like an elusive secret, the how is missing from most online conversations, leaving many wondering where to start. LinkedIn and Twitter are the two platforms most popular in B2B sales.

Below are 10 creative ways you can push your prospecting forward online.

  1. Establish yourself as a local or online resource. Offer monthly webinars and Q&A sessions online.
  2. Become a Video Rockstar and release video training and vlogs.
  3. Start a podcast and share your views.  Interview prospects and current clients.
  4. Start a weekly Twitter chat or get involved in well known ones.
  5. Identify a list of #Hashtags related to the industry you are targeting and monitor them regularly to uncover relevant conversations.
  6. Look for Tweet questions that you can answer and point to relevant content on your website.
  7. Connect with current clients on LinkedIn and analyze their profiles.  Look for shared contacts, groups they belong to, companies and people they follow.
  8. Listen to the activity in LinkedIn groups, participate in conversations, make connections, be helpful and express your knowledge.
  9. Create a weekly or bi-weekly blog post on LinkedIn. These get shared with ALL your connections.
  10. Make a daily habit of reviewing your newsfeed and “like”, “share” and comment on the content posted by your connections.

So there you go. 10 creative sales prospecting techniques you’ve probably never tried. Test them out, you’ve got nothing to lose! They’ve worked for others. They just might work for you.

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